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9 months ago

Habitat is looking for a volunteer who can assist with the translation of a few documents from English to Haitian Creole.

If you are able to assist, ... See more

10 months ago

To help our residents navigate the COVID-19 crisis, United Way of the Florida Keys is compiling updates on changes to the availability of services ... See more

10 months ago

As our Keys community responds to COVID-19, please know that CFFK is open and here to help. To aid with relief and response efforts, we are accepting ... See more

10 months ago

f your employment has been negatively impacted as a result of the mitigation efforts in Florida to stop the spread of
COVID-19, you may be eligible ... See more

CONNECT provides online access for claimants to apply for benefits, view and maintain claimant account information, view claim status and payments, ... See more

10 months ago

As public health officials have advised, we are taking
steps to minimize person-to-person contact and do our part in helping to slow the spread of ... See more

10 months ago

Great news from the Florida Housing Coalition:
Sadowski Coalition Statement on the Florida Legislature Fully Funding Affordable Housing ... See more

10 months ago

More fun photos from the Terry Cassidy's Island Grass Music Fest! #habitatforhumanity #islandgrassmusicfest

Great fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity!

10 months ago

Thank you to our sponsors! #habitatforhumanity #floridakeys #islandgrassmusicfest

10 months ago

We're having a great day at the 21st Annual Terry Cassidy's Island Grass Music Fest at Boondock's! Vince just won the first 50/50 cash raffle, and ... See more

11 months ago

Join us for great live music and a HUGE Silent Auction! -


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